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The kids and me...

The kids discovered this ledge during our day trip to El Malpais, west of Albuquerque, NM. It was a beautiful autumn afternoon, and there were so many lovely nooks and crannies to explore.

My repeated requests for photos started to tick them all off but no matter. Now we have this pic…and it’s so rare I’m in the shot too, since I’m usually the one on the other side of the camera. With my mom there too, however, I decided it was time for a family shot…sadly minus my husband, Chris. He’s in a welding class on Saturdays so couldn’t join us.

From left in this crazy cast of characters is:

She’s 13 but has a much more mature sense of humor. She works hard in school and is about a grade away from straight As. She reads voraciously, and is currently working on Interview with the Vampire, one of my childhood faves.

ME (aka MOM, MOMMY, HEY MoooOOOmmmmMM, and ANA): There I am, smiling into the sun and feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera. I was wondering if Graysen would settle down and smile too. Knowing him as well as I do I assumed he wouldn’t, which would make for ever-amusing outtakes. When I downloaded the pictures later I saw that I was correct in my assumption.
As for yours truly, a snapshot of info: I’m a writer, photographer, and graphic designer. Currently, I am building my design and photography business and working on compiling my writing into something with more definition. This blog is mostly (as of Fall 2009) made up of the pieces I wrote for a bi-weekly column published in the New Mexico Free Press, a weekly newspaper in my hometown of Santa Fe, NM. Now, I’m expanding it into more bloggy things to break up the longer essays.

GRAYSEN: oh where to start? Graysen (aka Gray) is our resident mercurial comedian. He has unique thoughts about life and is never shy about expressing them. He’s fearless when it comes to cliff edges…yet worries about sharks in the toilet. He had a dream recently that he was awesome (which he is) and is very preoccupied with how awesome his clothes look. He’s a kindergartner now, which is really truly awesome for all of us, especially him. Last I heard he would like to be a “cooker guy” when he grows up.

SOREN: With Chris away on business almost every week, Soren is often the man of the house. This is a fact that would inspire Mira to object strongly with lots of eye-rolling. Ah, siblings. Soren is a budding writer, with some fabulous story ideas dancing in his head that make it very difficult to focus on other sundry obligations like, say, school. To this, I can completely relate. By year’s end, I predict that Soren will be taller than I am and will finally be able to beat me at arm wrestling.

CHIARA: My sweet dreamy girl…she found the hat she’s wearing in the above pic lying in the bushes at El Malpais and was immediately smitten. She wore it all the rest of that day and only reluctantly took it off for bed that night. Chiara loves all animals, is learning to ride horses, and has the biggest happiest smile I think I’ve ever seen.

CHRIS: My husband, not pictured here, is Graysen’s daddy and step dad to the other three. This puts Graysen in the discombobulating position of being both an only child and the youngest of four.
Chris is a wonderful father to all four of these kids, and though he works way too much at a job he dislikes that takes him out of state almost every week, he still finds time to help with homework (math!), play Star Wars and Rampage with the boys on the Gamecube, and jump with all of them on the trampoline.
Now, with the welding class, he’s making us some super spiff trellises for the garden and planning to make a new gate for the front yard. He’s super creative and incredibly cute. And I am so lucky. Without him, I’d be even less compos mentis than I already am…

That’s us, for now. Let the chaos begin….

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  1. Ama permalink
    November 3, 2009 8:32 pm

    Excellent — keep at it! Let your mind roam over the countryside of New Mexico. You have seen a lot of this country…

    And I want a hi-res pic of the 5 of you at the Malpais… I really like this one!

    Love, Mom

  2. March 11, 2010 8:11 pm

    thanks for checking in at my blog. enjoyed your photos and the stories that I read. I must read more later.

    stay in touch,

    bryan farley

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