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It’s time to ramble on….

May 26, 2013

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And now, as I sit here with Robert Plant wailing in my head, I must say that it’s time for me to go.

When I started Non Compos Mentis Mama I had the intent of writing a bunch about parenting–stories of raising my 4, thoughts and theories, etc. And I certainly did a lot of that over the years. I re-published installments from the column I wrote for the New Mexico Free Press, philosophized about what it means to be an attachment parent (and, apparently, a victim), and shared some culinary adventures. I dabbled in some other things too–wrote about shooting food, making jewelry, and becoming a chicken mama (the girls are now TWO YEARS OLD!).

My most popular post EVER is about Newton’s Laws, oddly. It gets daily hits, and has apparently helped many readers with their understanding of just what Newton was talkin’ about. Thanks Grandpa.

But when I started Non Compos Mentis Mama, I had small children and was living deeply in all the challenges, and joys, that accompany that stage of parenting. Now, that has changed. Soren is 19 as of last week, Mira is almost 17, and Chiara nearly 13. By the start of the new school year I will be the mother of three teens. Graysen is a few days shy of turning 9, and already acts like a teen, so perhaps I can get away with stating that soon there will be FOUR teens under this roof, challenging me in all new ways everyday.

So though there is still much ado about parenting to muse about, things are shifting. My older kids don’t want me to write about them, and of course I must respect that.

This is all the long way to explain that it’s time. Time for me to ramble on into something different. This will be my last post to this blog, and in the beginning of June my new blog will debut. That one will be more personal, but there will still be family content and also some reruns from this space. There will be more pictures, talk of writing, what it means to stay sane (maybe) as a working mother…plus stories, musings, recipes, adventures, and, I hope, general inspiration. For truly, after pondering this matter for several months I decided that it’s time to evolve what I’ve come to feel is a limiting definition.

Mama still applies, but there’s so much more besides.

I’ll make a small announcement in this space when the new blog is live…and eventually, Non Compos Mentis Mama will vanish from the interwebs. I hope all my fantastic and loyal readers will join me in my new space, and share their thoughts about this Non Compos Mentis life we’re all living in this crazy, beautiful, breakneck world. Thank you all.

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  1. May 26, 2013 5:57 pm

    Yay ~ excited!

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