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We are a vampire species…. (365 creative January 21)

January 21, 2012

It was an errand sort of day, complete with flat tire, and a dinner party sort of night…with great company, excellent food, and a delightful creme brulee made by my older daughter.

So there wasn’t much time for creativity.

Before the stroke of midnight, I decided to take a moment, and dip into the pictures I took on our trip to Arizona last month.

The one above was shot outside Joseph City. I believe this is the Cholla power plant, puffing big fake clouds into a cerulean sky. And I was struck by the juxtaposition of the smoke stacks and the sunbeams….we are such a vampire species, sucking the life out of the earth while mostly ignoring the tremendous amount of energy shining down upon us day in and day out.

I work for a solar company, and I wonder when the day will come when the fossilized, vampire paradigm passes into history. Hopefully in my children’s lifetimes.

For today, a creative moment with a photo, and a thought. And now, bed.

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