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More than 24 hours later…. 365 Creative January 18-20

January 20, 2012

A silent, internetless Wednesday turned into a quiet Thursday AND a fantastically (mostly) unplugged Friday!

And so much time for creative ventures! I did a lot of writing and a lot of editing. I also finished up the benefit pendant I wrote about earlier, and am very excited about getting this set up as a listed item on my website with profits to benefit baby Liam! I hope to have that all set up by early next week. Above is a rough shot of the pendant.

Better pics will come soon.

All in all, a break from being plugged in is such a necessity for creativity. I didn’t just learn or decide this, but sometimes I forget.

During my quiet time I sat down to read a magazine–Poets & Writers, my personal fave. An article in last month’s issue offered up the scoop about some software designed to help support creativity by blocking internet temptation. Either the entire net or just social sites. It’s called Freedom, and as it turns out, Freedom is cheap. Check it out:

Essentially, you decide how much internet-free time you need to do your creative project (like, an hour of writing time untainted by the temptation to check in with Facebook), enter the time in minutes in a dropdown box, and voila. Apparently, there is little hope of getting past the blockade.

You must, of course, be on the honor system with your smartphone (or the desktop in your husband’s office!).

Anyway, it was nice to be away, and wonderful to hear that SOPA has been shelved. Hopefully killed.

And…it’s also nice to be back. 🙂


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