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Going dark for 24 hours

January 17, 2012

Wikipedia has inspired me to go without internet for 24 hours in protest of SOPA. (Stop Online Piracy Act.)

Without internet for a day, I’ll have all sorts of time to pursue lots of creative ventures, like:

1. Making cool stuff with my new silver clay and my new stamps (that I designed myself)!!

2. Going for a walk….maybe a short hike, if it isn’t too windy.

3. Writing.

4. Drawing with the kids after school. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a new profile picture out of it. (Does drinking beer count as a creative pursuit?)

5. Reading.

6. Shooting things!

7. Tackling a crafty new project. (I have resin! Too bad I lack such painting talent…)

How about you? Can you go dark for 24 hours? What will you choose to do with your internet-free time?

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