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Creativity & Patience 365 Creative: January 12 & 13

January 13, 2012

I took this picture yesterday, after I pulled the benefit pendants out of the kiln.

See those kiln pegs to the right? They’re so hot they’re glowing! Hard to tell with B&W, I know.

The word of the day for yesterday and today is PATIENCE. This particular project, into which I’m pouring not only my heart and soul but also my time and money, has been dragging. I wasn’t sure what sort of design to do that would be fitting for the project at hand (Baby Liam!) and then when I did design something, I felt clumsy…kept dropping my tools, the clay kept misbehaving. Finally, when I pulled this out of the kiln last night I decided I wasn’t terribly happy with it. Now, it’s awaiting a design tweak, which has also been a clumsy, frustrating process.


So this is 48 hours in 365 creative days.

Best get back to it now. More photos when it’s all said and done and I have my camera back! (It’s been in the shop, thus the crappy cell phone pics!)


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