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Believe. A 365 Creative benefit project

January 11, 2012

Last night I was sitting with my daughter, Chiara, and looking at the Facebook page for a little boy named Liam Lyon

“What’s wrong with him, mom?” Chiara asked.

“He has a condition known as hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which means he was born with only half a heart,” I explained, then added, “He’s been in the hospital pretty much his entire little life.”

“He’s so cute,” she said, and I concurred.

Then I got to thinking about this family’s medical bills. They must be astronomical. From that thought came an idea: what if, through doing something creative, I could help them? Give them something pretty and help defray costs…at least a little?

Last year, I created a pendant to help support the efforts of the Red Cross in Japan after the tsunami. I sold a few, and it felt good to pass along a donation from each sale to the Red Cross. So why not do something like this again? Something for this family?

Today I paced my studio and thought about design. I noticed that after many of the updates posted by the family on Liam’s Facebook page is the word BELIEVE! They are at the point now where they need a specialist to help repair a very rare malformation–the details I don’t totally understand–and from what I’ve gathered, it’s proving difficult to find this specialist.

So I incorporated this sentiment on the pendant I made and plan to send to Liam’s mom. On the reverse, I stamped Liam’s name and birthdate along with the name and birthdate of his big sister (siblings are often overlooked in cases like this). I’m thinking about making his sister a necklace of her own too. After I get these done, I’ll post some pictures and more details about where you can order one for yourself, complete with custom engraving, with portions of the proceeds to benefit the family.

Stay tuned, and if you know this family or their story, don’t tell them about this yet–it’s a surprise!


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