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Of Curtains and Trainwrecks. 365 Creative: January 7

January 7, 2012

I woke up this morning thinking of curtains and trainwrecks.

This is perhaps in part due to the fact that I feel like I’ve been run over by a train. Today marks at least the 5th day of this creeping crud, as I’ve come to think of it. Body aches, dry cough, tickly sore throat, feeling super cold. Today is so far the worst. I curled up in bed at about 1 this afternoon and slept in fits and starts as a beautiful sunny day passed by outside.

Now, I’ve downed some Theraflu in the hopes of sleeping soundly soon, and my mind is back to curtains. Trainwrecks.

My husband spent all day today working on the older kids’ “Casita,” which is a separate, two-room building he’s finishing up for them. When it’s done, the teens will finally have their own rooms. We’ve been sharing a two-bedroom house for over a year now–kid you not–and all four of the kids have been amazing. Truly impressively incredible about the close quarters.

In June, we had the building put in and Chris has been finishing it ever since whenever he’s around, which sadly isn’t often (traveling every week, of late, yuck). Now, the end is in sight–by next weekend the rooms should be ready for painting! That’s where the thought of curtains comes in. They each have a 2×4′ window in addition to a windowed door. They’ll need curtains, and I am apparently brave enough (crazy enough?) to attempt sewing some for them.

I don’t sew. Bobbins piss me off. BUT….I have been dying to design my own fabric for years now, and this seems like the perfect time to do so!

Soren, who is 17, is the challenging one. He doesn’t care what things look like (which means, of course, that he does care….but as long as things aren’t girly or whatever, then he really doesn’t care….if you can even follow that). So I was racking my brains trying to come up with a design that would work for his room when I thought about the old photos I shot while visiting my dad over the holidays. I worked my way through a very, very old photo album he had, shooting as many of the photos as possible in lieu of a scanner. Some of them depict a trainwreck, which likely happened in Arizona, perhaps in or near Kingman and perhaps witnessed by my great grandfather.

These pics are really quite cool, and with a start I realized they’d make a wonderful curtain design. I asked Soren, and he nodded and smiled.

So, when I don’t feel like crap anymore, I’ll set to getting the fabric all designed up and ordered…then sit myself down and fight with the bobbins and thread. Can’t wait!

More shots from the wreck:

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