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365 Creative: January 3 & 4, Photo transfer project

January 4, 2012

I wish I could take credit for this idea, but I can’t.

Regardless, I have to share. It’s super cool and it doesn’t really have much to do with attention-seeking 7 year-old boys, despite the fact that this one in particular rocks some really cool glasses.

No, it has more to do with what’s behind my cute little ham. Namely, these:

Back in November, I stumbled across a fantastic YouTube video about this photo transfer project complete with one of my favorite Belle & Sebastian songs. I decided to give the technique a try, and after a few tries was very happy with the results. It’s a bit time-intensive, as you’ll see, which is why I made this a project that spans two days of the 365.

Want to try it? First, watch the video.

Then, a few tips that aren’t included in the video. First, it takes more than one pass with a wet sponge to get all the paper off. And if you press too hard you could rub the ink off. Start with a soaked sponge and wet the paper thoroughly (after the step where it dries to the wood with gel medium). Rub it gently with the sponge and it will start peeling off in wet clumps. As you get closer to the image itself, start using your fingertips and work off the last shreds of paper. Then, let it dry. After it dries, you’ll see the spots where paper still lingers. Just repeat the process, using your fingers on the thinner areas.

Here’s a look at one of my pieces that isn’t done yet. It’ll probably need to be gone over a couple more times to get all the paper off.

After your piece dries with no paper left upon drying, do the Mod Podge step.

Have fun!

More images:

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