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December 31, 2011

On the cusp of every new year talk about 365 projects heats up.

For some creatives, the project for the year might be a photo a day, perhaps based on a changing theme. For others, writing word count goals are the thing.

Two years ago I tackled one–a year of birds and clouds–and have a huge stockpile of cool bird and cloud photos now that I enjoy revisiting. (Though the blog ends in October, I did shoot every day after that. Posting just got to be such a drag that I never finished the blog itself!)

Thanks to that project I also have happy memories based around scanning the trees and skies every day for soaring birds and rising clouds. The project became my daily practice, a way to settle myself and focus on things in realtime.

Always good to do…always easy to forget.

Now, I’m staring down yet another new year and feel the urge to try something like this again.

But what? I toyed with the idea of doing Birds & Clouds, round 2. Thought about tackling a design a day (graphic design projects x 365).

Ended up deciding to make this year’s project about everything I love to do. I love photography and design, but also writing, jewelry making, craft projects.

One of my big goals for this coming year is to fully accept and nurture all those things I love to do, rather than feeling like a headless chicken who should focus on one thing (ah, those ingrained messages from many years past that don’t serve a purpose anymore!).

This 365 project seems to fit nicely with that aspiration.

Day one is just around the corner, and I will spend much of that time driving home from southern Arizona where we’ve been having a very nice visit with my dad and stepmom (see previous post for comments and concerns about that!). I wonder what form creativity will take as we jet back home to our house, our chickens, and cold weather?

Are you planning a 365 project? What will it be?

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