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Inward Bound

December 28, 2011

I don’t recall where I got the idea of going inward bound. Am not sure when I first mused about it.

Perhaps it was on my experience going outward bound into the wilderness with everything I needed for my own survival strapped to my back. I certainly did spend plenty of time looking within on that long-ago trip (21 years ago now, sigh), but I’m not sure if I came to know it by that term then.

Not that it matters. What matters most of all is this: There is never a better time than right now to go inward bound. To explore the wilderness of one’s own mind and heart and soul.

All we ever have is right now.

I’ve been trekking through the vast territory of within pretty intensively for several months now, and am feeling a familiar pressure to resurface with new answers and insights. They’re creeping up, sneaking in to my conscious world. Showing themselves and me to the blaze of sunlight.

This year has been a beastly one. We endured ferocious spring winds that lasted until late June, horrific forest fires–the worst in state history–and a corresponding drought that withered so many of my hopes and dreams for a lush garden.

In the fall and with little warning, we lost our beloved old lab to some mysterious ailment called mega esophagus. She went from healthy to terminal in the space of a few days.

2011 felt like a year of permanent Mercury retrograde. Like we were always fighting an uphill battle. Constantly struggling against the proverbial current.

I’m ready to say goodbye (good riddance!) to 2011 now, and yet…I’m not under any illusion that the new year is anything but a symbolic passage. The true transition is really within.

I’m excited to explore this more in the coming days, weeks, months. Excited as well to step, with a smile, into my 40th decade.

Let’s go, 2012. Bring it.


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