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If you give a kid a camera….

September 13, 2011

You never know just what you’ll see.

You might see something lovely like the shadow of a tree.

Or just become acquainted with your car upholstery.

Perhaps you’ll get to see yourself in a very different light…

Or….maybe you’ll get tired of rhyming things and decide that it’s time for some upper arm toning exercises. Poste haste.

(But instead might get a totally different look at the side of your face.)

If you give a kid a camera…..she might take a fantastic self-portrait.

Or he.

You might become acquainted with an intriguing abstract….

and several high speed landscapes…a new genre!

You see, if you give a kid a camera, he or she will shoot many things. And offer you a new perspective on….

Your favorite tree.

Your daughter’s feet.

And what the backseat window really looks like.

You might find you have a permanent record of a car following at a relatively polite distance on the highway, coupled with the reminder of your most recent Dunkin Donuts run….

But you also might find a memory or two, of places that have changed. Forever. Places that you want to remember.

These beautiful trees, and thousands more like them, were lost to forest fire that swept through one of your favorite canyons 8 days after this picture was taken.

This dog found his master, and perhaps was saved from that forest fire, because you picked him up that day in the canyon and called the numbers on his tags. Good thing your kid thought to take his picture. Augie was (is) a sweet little dog.

So….give your kid a camera. And…a 16 gb memory card too.

You just never know what you will see.

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  1. auntiehalliellie permalink
    September 13, 2011 8:45 pm

    Hear hear.

  2. September 14, 2011 5:52 pm

    Thanks for the inspiration as always! I was thinking that my daughter is long overdue for a camera. Love, Michelle

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