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Meet the new girls on the block

April 6, 2011

Our family has grown!

Yesterday I received the long anticipated phone call from the post office to let me know that our chicks had arrived. It was a surreal and amazing moment when the rather confused postal employee brought out a little box that was peeping. We opened it on the spot, to make sure everyone survived the journey, then walked out under the gaze of many questioning eyes.

Now, the five newest members of our family are sheltering in a big Rubbermaid box beneath the requisite heat lamp (to keep their brooder at a comfy 95 degrees). They have a little playhouse, made out of a shoebox, and their very own wall mirror….also known as a CD. They are happy, enormously cute, and the kids are in love.

I think it’s cool to be a chicken farmer, of sorts. 🙂

And now, here is the first in many installments of chicken photos. All you lovely readers out there can follow their progress as they grow up! And if I ever figure out how to post videos, I’ll probably be uploading lots of poultry in action (kids too).

Without further ado (aside from a quick note: these chicks are for eggs and garden goodness only…they will not become dinner, in case you were wondering):

Here’s Eloise:

We’re not sure if she’s a Dominique or a Barred Plymouth Rock….we ordered one of each and they look the same, so only time will tell. Regardless, Eloise is technically my chick.

Here’s another view of Eloise:

Here is Mira’s chick, Primrose, an Ameracauna (easter egger!):

Action shot of Primrose:

This is Chiara’s chick, Annabel Lee (name suggested by Soren, who is on a Poe kick at the moment). Annabel Lee is a Buff Orpington:

This is Soren’s chick, Titania….she’s either a Dominique or a Barred Plymouth Rock:

And last, but certainly never least, is Graysen’s chick. Oliver.

Oliver is a Rhode Island Red and also, yes, a girl:

We’re having a great time getting to know these sweet little marshmallows with legs!




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  1. April 6, 2011 5:13 pm

    And we were just talking about getting chicks this year as well!

    Yours are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!

    • ana june permalink
      April 10, 2011 10:47 am

      Thanks Elaine! I better post new pics–they all have WING FEATHERS now! I can’t believe how fast they’re growing. 🙂


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