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O Canada

March 29, 2011

It’s been nearly 30 years, but I found it. See it there, being circled by a boat? Birch Island…roughly a little more than an acre of land in Upper Rideau Lake, Ontario, Canada.

I spent many long summer hours exploring this tiny spot on a map; first when I was about 12, and again at 16, if memory serves.

I miss it very much.

I don’t know how long this island has been in my family, but I remember the stories. Of my great grandmother standing on the dock shaking her fist at passing boaters yelling “Yankee, go home!”

Then there’s the tale of how my great-grandmother, and later generations as well, tossed their broken china into the lake. Probably other items as well. My mom found a piece of a teacup (or was it a plate?) while snorkeling around the eastern shore once, moments before a nasty horsefly flew down her snorkel.

At least, that’s how I remember it.

My dad and his siblings explored the island’s rocky shores, and jumped from the swimming dock into the crisp waters…just as I would do, years later.

Now, I can imagine my own children shadowing bull frogs and driving the outboard, just as I did. I want to go back so very much. The property is still in the family, though it’s owned now by distant cousins, some of whom I haven’t met. Still, I think it may be possible to return someday. We simply must.

I have more memories from The Island that I’ll share in the next couple of days. Of lingering rain through the dark hours of my last night there. Waking to see the lake like glass, perfectly calm and still and shrouded in fog.

Of the call of a loon in the mist.

Perfect. Magic.

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