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Planting day!

March 28, 2011

There’s a hint of green on the lilac bushes outside, and the deciduous trees are starting to get in the spirit of things.

Of course, the dang junipers have been doing their fertility dance for a couple of weeks now, making us all feel just a few degrees shy of miserable. Maybe someday we’ll live above the juniper line. That would be fine with me, though it would shorten the growing season and we’d probably end up allergic to something else anyway.

But despite the evil pollen, it’s nice to be loosening the shackles of winter.

I put the seeds in today, which is later than I had planned originally but you know, it’s been a busy month that has included much writing and a spring break trip to Arizona where I got to sit poolside. It was amazing.

Finally, however, Homestead 2011 is in full swing. I started tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, melons, kale, and herbs with a little help from a certain 14 year-old.

Who didn’t really want me to take her picture…. but I’m sneaky like that. 🙂

Together, we came up with the idea to make plant markers out of broken skewers and pink duct tape, which adds a splash of color to the garden!

And now they’re sheltering in the sunny warmth of a cheapo green house we picked up over the winter….that came in a box with a CAPITALIZED WARNING written across it that reads: FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY!!

So we were wondering if it would, say, blow up if we set it up in the sunroom.

So far it’s been up for about 3 hours and all is well.


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