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happy crafty goodness

January 23, 2011

The kids and I got crafty today.

It’s been a long week. I’ve been struggling with a writing project that tested every ounce of my confidence as a writer–something I chalk up partly to feeling off. Out of sync with the world, and myself. I feel like I’ve been putting out fires for weeks, spinning my wheels, depleting myself.

So today, after I finally finished up my article (only 5 days past deadline, sigh) I took the two kids who were with me, Mira and Graysen, over to my mom’s for some crafty fun.

I have an old box of stone tiles I got at Hobby Lobby ages ago, plus various types of glue, shiny things, glittery nail polish, ball chains, and some sterling glue-on bails. They’ve just been sitting around with all the rest of my jewelry stuff, untouched for far too long. So we broke it all out and the kids made a bunch of pendants. I found some silver pendant bezels I’d made from PMC a couple of years ago, and glued in some of my photos…I’ll pour resin on them later and–hopefully!–get my Etsy shop going again soooooon. I also have a whole new bag of PMC and lots of ideas for my new line of pendants and rings. Creating jewelry is something I have missed, terribly. It’s my Zen, my therapy….

Stay tuned.

Regardless of my crafty aspirations, it’s always ever so cool to be creating alongside my kidlets. 🙂


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