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Seek and ye shall….

January 3, 2011

Hopefully find.

The phone rang yesterday afternoon with the news: two backpackers are missing in the Gila Wilderness. Teams have been out for days, plodding through up to 18 inches of snow in search of this father and son from El Paso. So far, there’s been no sign of them.

My husband, Chris, left today at 2 for Silver City to assist with the search at first light tomorrow. I don’t know when I’ll hear from him next. It could be a couple of days.

In September, 2009, a friend of ours went missing on Elk Mountain. When the official rescue effort was called off, friends and family organized a string of independent searches in the hopes of finding Mel. Chris and Soren went on one of those. They did a sweep of a large area, walking uphill through tall grass looking, looking….

Not finding.

Nobody knows to this day what happened to Mel.

The experience was the inspiration Chris needed to finally fulfill a dream he has harbored for a very long time. He decided, then and there, to join the local Search & Rescue.

Since that September, Chris has become an active, certified member of the Santa Fe Search & Rescue. He is also, as of December, an EMT. He’s almost licensed as an intermediate–he has 75 hours of clinicals to complete, as well as the licensing exam before he’s just one-step below paramedic. Then, who knows? He wants to help people, to give back. And to get out of his crap-ass techie job.

Tonight, I’m lighting a candle for this lost father and son. The boy is just a year younger than Soren, and was last seen wearing sneakers. I dearly hope they’re okay.

I’m lighting a second candle for all the people who have put their personal lives aside to help find these missing backpackers. I know they’re trained and well prepared, but still….I can’t help but worry about them too. Especially when someone so dear to me is out there with them.

I hope the update I post will bring good news!

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