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Promises promises…

January 1, 2011

It’s my most favorite time of year.

Time to usher out the old and try on new ideas, habits, routines. A time to make promises and look forward with optimism.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the last couple of days wondering why New Year is so significant with regard to change….I mean, we have the opportunity to change and grow and create new routines and ideas every week….or every month, for instance. But something about a new year is a different sort of passage. A more cleansing one. Perhaps because the newness is celebrated with great excitement around the world–it’s one big global party, in a way, and everyone is inspired by the opportunity to create something new, lay to rest something old.

I love that kind of stuff.

2010 has been a year of incredible, unsettling change for our family, and it isn’t over yet. We still technically own that brokedown palace, and haven’t even managed to get all our stuff out of it yet. We didn’t want to drag that into our 2011, but here we are.

Here we are….living now in a smaller house, where all four kids have to share one big room. Yes, that is right. I’ll write more on that later, but suffice to say for now–it’s going far better than I could have ever imagined.

My kids are amazing.

And….here we are, living in a smaller house that is situated on a bigger plot of land. We have 2.5 fenced acres, give or take, and I have plans for those. Right now, all our acreage is slumbering beneath a frozen crust of snow. The wind is raging outside–it’s well below 0. But soon enough, we will conjure amazing stuff out of that, uh, soil.

After indulging in four glasses of wine at a friend’s house the other night, I boldly stated to a room half full of people I don’t know that we plan to grow “at least 90% of our own food this year!” And I meant it. I think. I’d like to think we can.

I’d also like to raise chickens and goats. Learn how to knit. Finish my book (yes, I’m writing one for reals, and yes I’m on track to finish in April if I can successfully tackle the daunting “book proposal”). Sew something. Lean how to can our food. Get back to White Sands with the kids….also the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado. Buy a kayak. Use it. Get back on a horse….

I hear that this growing 90% of our own food thing is so daunting that it’s essentially a full time job, so who knows if I’ll have any time for all that other stuff.

But, not to be all cliche or anything, I do believe in the adage nothing ventured, nothing gained. So I step into 2011 ready to venture. Ready to try. Ready to challenge myself and my family.

If nothing else, this should be interesting. 🙂

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