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Stuck Spaces, part deux, and a 6 year old’s “resolution”

December 31, 2010

The sun is setting on 2010 and I’ve spent the day not only musing about the upcoming year, and a blank slate of possibilities, but also thinking about the loose ends I haven’t yet tied up. One of those loose ends was a promised set of “after” pics to go with my stuck spaces post. Another, which won’t get wrapped up before the clock strikes 12, is to finally process and post all my 2010 bird & cloud pics.

So that is the first of my 2011 resolutions. And in the interest of wrapping up this year, here are those promised “after” pics.

The notorious front door catch-all space
Okay, so that’s still a fabric remnant, but at least it covers the whole thing now.

The dining room banco, with bonus husband in the background.
So….the tree leans a scosh, but all the piles of crap are gone, and Christmas was lovely. So warm, in fact, that we even ate a late Xmas lunch outside!

What we call “The Green Thing.”
With rice paper stickers in the windows now (making it easier to hide crap!). Better though. And all the clothes that used to be hidden below are now happily living in the closet, thanks to super handy husband man who built new closet shelves the day before Christmas.

STILL don’t even know what to call this….
But it looks a lot less cluttered now.

Open Shelves + Four Kids = EYESORE
Quick solution: Get rid of the four open shelves. Ta da!

More eyesoreishness from the kids’ room
Problem solved for….drum roll please….ONE DAY!! You should see it now. :/

And now, I hope to head into 2011 with fewer stuck spaces in both my physical world and also in my head.

Finally, a resolution for 2011 from a certain hysterical 6 year old….who resolves to play more video games this year. Sigh.

Happy new year to all! See you in 2011!

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