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Life comes with a reset button

December 22, 2010

Sometimes you gotta do something different to find your happy self again.

Mira is in 9th grade this year, technically, and has been “homeschooling.” What this means is that she took two classes at the community college (SFCC) and three classes online in order to earn enough credits to enter the Master’s Program next year–the charter high school based at the Community College where Soren is currently a sophomore. The Master’s Program (TMP) starts in 10th grade, which I think is kind of silly….but that’s the way it is. Mira didn’t want to do 9th grade at the same school she attended last year, and we supported her in this decision, thus the alternative approach we chose for her 9th grade year.

Problem with this plan is: the online classes really sucked.

We didn’t know this from the outset. Didn’t know how bad the history lectures would be, nor how confusing the format. Mira has struggled with her online studies since September, and I struggled watching the wind slowly go out of her sails.

Meanwhile, she excelled in her SFCC classes, and currently has a 3.89 GPA. One of those was a college level class, the other was developmental that is one step below college level. She earned an A in both (this after one of her teachers sternly told the class she “rarely” hands out As).

But oh those online classes. History was the worst. The lecturer could barely compose a coherent sentence. Plus, his lecture on the Iliad left Mira with the impression that the story itself included the account of the Trojan horse, which is blatantly wrong. I was stunned. Disturbed.

With my help, she tried to get through her daily assignments so she wouldn’t fall behind. There’s a time limit on these classes, and we had to have the company reset her schedule twice when she couldn’t quite keep up.

As of this month, she’s behind again. She has no desire to log in, to wade through the assignments, to try vainly to understand Mr. Crappy History Professor Man.

Enough is enough.

Today, she and I sat down and made a new plan that will effectively make it impossible for Mira to attend TMP next year. No matter, her education is far more important than credits. Instead, she’ll take classes at SFCC until she either sits for her GED or earns her AA degree. Depending on her math and science class track, she could earn her AA by the time she’s 17…maybe even earlier, making the GED unnecessary. We’ll see. In any case, she’s now signed up for three classes at SFCC for this next semester, and we’ll be dropping the online classes toute de suite. Starting on January 25th, she’ll be taking English 111 (college level), Pre-Algebra, and Creative Expression, a fine art class I will be taking as well (can’t wait!!). In the meantime, I’ll be working with her to find (I hope) the same passion for history that I feel.

A passion I didn’t experience until after I graduated from high school.


TOMORROW: an update on Christmas prep and those stuck spaces I wrote about the other day. There has been progress! There is a Christmas tree! And truffles! And….lots of wine! 🙂

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  1. hallie permalink
    January 7, 2011 9:53 am

    I wish I’d had you for a mom at 15. Mine could not imagine life rolling on without a high school diploma. *sighhhh*

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