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Christmas prep: 5 days before

December 20, 2010

There are few things that make me feel more non compos mentis than clutter. Well, okay–dog hair and hyperactive kids probably eclipse clutter most days, but still. Clutter is my silent nemesis. It grows almost impreceptibly and seemingly without help. It tends to thrive in an environment filled with….hyperactive children. And dogs.

I realize that we’re doing better with the clutter since we moved, but there are still “stuck spaces” in our lives, and I’ve decided to begin tackling them on this, the 5th day before Christmas.

Here they are, in no particular order (or level of stuckness):

The notorious front door catch-all space

I would bet we aren’t the only family with a stuck space right by the front door. In our case, this area adds space to our very small kitchen, but it’s also become an unattractive repository for crap. Wet shoes and juice bottles underneath. Grocery bags stuffed in the space closest to the front door (and yet, we still tend to forget our bags when we trek to the store!). Oversize dishes sort of hidden by the sheer, uh, fabric remnant. A drip timer, sunscreen, bags of bookcase hardware, and a light up Halloween bat head band linger on the microwave. Random mail and various pieces of paper lie, well, just about everywhere. Don’t let the paper organizer doohickey fool you–it only offers the illusion of mail organization. I plan to tackle this space today.

The dining room banco

Granted, most of this stuff belongs to my husband (what’s left is dog stuff). Still, there’s got to be a better place for all of this. Since we plan to put the Christmas tree here, this space must be cleared out toute de suite. I’m thinking Wednesday would be a good day.

What we call “The Green Thing.”

I love this old cupboard, but it’s become a great space to stuff things that don’t have a regular home. It also serves as a bureau in the master bedroom–there are clothes in them thar cupboards down below. Above, piles of paperwork (I think this is where we stuffed our 2009 taxes), medications, various and sundry magazines and books….and a few Christmas presents that need to be wrapped, are all tucked away in disarray behind glass doors. The top of the whole thing has recently become a storage area of choice for my husband, who is apparently storing his EMT notebooks and a box of trash bags up there. I think I’ll take this on….tomorrow.

Don’t even know what to call this….

This was supposed to be a spot for some of the kids’ books as well as a space for them to use my old laptop, but it has since become a VERY stuck space in the family room, and I am sick of looking at it. I might try taming this today.

Open Shelves + Four Kids = EYESORE

Ugh. On the bright side, however, this isn’t a big stuck space, and should be easy to remedy. I plan to find a new home for the stuff stored here, and move these shelves into storage for the time being.

More eyesoreishness from the kids’ room

Our old living room coffee table is apparently a great place to put your laundry, both dirty and clean (where they can mingle happily!). This must be dealt with. Thursday’s looking good!

So, I’ll take these challenges in stride and post the results, with the goal being to declutter in time for Christmas! Add to these tasks the other requisite cleaning necessities (laundry and dishes and toilets, oh my) and I’ll be keeping busy.

Oh….and I guess I better get some presents for the kids at some point, huh? 😉

(Apologies for these photos…quick, blurry cell phone shots. I’ll do it up right with the nice camera when things are a bit less stuck!)

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  1. hallie permalink
    January 7, 2011 9:56 am

    thanks for the inspiration. I have some decluttering and organizing to do today, and now I am just very thankful that I don’t have four of entropy’s minions to fight while I do mine. HA!!


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