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Aid for Aidan

October 21, 2010

There’s a blog here on WordPress that you simply must visit. It’s for a child who needs your support, and I urge you to help, as best you can. Click on the awesome monsters above to visit Aid for Aidan.

I have had a chaotic, frustrating couple of months…sickness (strep) and a general, ongoing state of severe non compos mentisness…the likes of which I hadn’t imagined for the wind-down of 2010. But I’ve experienced nothing like what this family is going through. My woes pale in comparison.

I would like to rant for a moment, however, about the fact that in this day…this age….this COUNTRY….a precious little boy’s leukemia treatments need to be supported by proceeds from prints of HIS OWN DRAWINGS.

For all the dithering and bickering of our politicians, who sided AGAINST adequate, humane healthcare reform, while simultaneously drawing benefits from the public coffers…I am stunned and saddened by the blatant hypocrisy. To my mind, these self-serving politicos are complicit in every instance of suffering and death due to inadequate healthcare. It is simply inexcusable.

/political rant.

It appears that Aidan is receiving the treatment he needs to effectively fight Leukemia, but does not negate the fact that this battle should NOT be a financial burden on his family in any way.

My heart goes out to them all.

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