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Day 1

January 4, 2010

These petite pink lady apples were breakfast today.

This morning dawned surprisingly chaos free. I awoke before my alarm and wasn’t sleepy at all. Graysen opened his eyes and reached for me in the dark–he often shows up for a cuddle in the wee hours of the morning.

The two of us went out to the living room to set a fire and think about the return to school. The sky was still pitch black, and the breadmaker had just finished up a loaf of country white…the smell of fresh bread settled over me as I lit a few pages of the Free Press beneath some lovely split pinon.

Then it was time to rouse the kids and make lunches. I sliced up some fresh bread and made each of the kids cucumber cream cheese open-face sandwiches with dill and celery salt for their lunches. For me, I brewed some “fasting” herbal tea and didn’t once look at the coffee maker.

As the fire jumped and the Indigo Girls sang to the room, the kids got dressed and ready and we were (shockingly) out the door by 7:44. I even had a few extra moments to shoot some stuff for my photo blog.

Everything went smoothly with the drop offs, though I did feel a little fuzzy-headed due to not having coffee (first coffee-free morning since probably 2006 when I had hip surgery!).

Then, some weird funk descended and threw me into a painful slog through weirdness. The sky was a perfectly crisp blue, the air, biting and cold…and I suddenly felt really down. Almost depressed.

The plan for the day was to buy some provisions for my cleanse (fruit, veggies, juice and soup for the first two days of “step up” and lemons and maple syrup for the 10-day “Master Cleanse”) then go do a newborn photo shoot for a lovely family I worked with before Christmas (maternity and family shoot). I worked my way in a haze around the store, plucking organic lemons from the meager selection and puzzling over which fruit juice would be most beneficial (chose cherry for the iron).

As I was checking out I overheard a young mother behind me talking with another woman about how her two little kids were driving her crazy. Her toddler beamed at me from the shopping cart…another older toddler was apparently at home. She was remarking about how only one sleeps at a time, while the other woman was nodding and smiling and saying to enjoy it now, it goes by so quickly!

And I smiled to myself, wrote my check, and left. I love babies….toddlers…children. I love ’em to pieces and am always delighted to be smiled at by a baby in a shopping cart.

But how well I remember those days of one sleeping, the other not, and me slowly going crazy. Crazy in a good way but crazy nonetheless. I adore that the kids and I had two solid weeks together to do nothing…so novel, especially in this fast-paced day and age. But I am also glad to have my own space back. Glad as well not to have two toddlers underfoot anymore.

It does go by quickly.

I walked out into the stark sunlight, settled myself into the car to read and sip my Odwalla for a little bit before my photo shoot and… promptly spilled half my 32 oz. Superfood all over my leg and the floor of the car.

I was drenched. The floorboards were swimming in green liquid.

The moment it happened, and I grabbed the bottle of juice and pulled it upright, I could do nothing else but laugh.

I laughed….at myself, at the moment…at the silliness of putting the open bottle of juice on the car’s center console, which is slightly sloped. When I first set it there I had a flashing thought of what would happen if it fell. Moments later, I knew firsthand.

I wondered if anyone saw me drain the rubber floor mat onto the parking lot pavement. What they would think of the odd green liquid.

Then I stopped caring. I tried drying my pants with toilet paper–all that I could find. Pathetic. Finally, I called the family I was supposed to photograph in less than a half hour and asked to push off our shoot until the following day. They seemed relieved too. With a newborn and very very active two-year-old, their lives are a bit hectic, lately.

I drove home relieved, annoyed, bemused. Changed my clothes, brewed some tea, contemplated my veggie diet for the day.

And then watched District Nine… which I really didn’t need to watch today. When it was over I decided it was time for a mental cleanse too….and a nap.

Tomorrow, only juices and broth. Mmmm….

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