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January 2, 2010

School starts up again in about 36 hours.
Chris will be gone by then, off to Washington on business.
And so it begins. I am the only one of us who will be settling into something atypical.
I will be forsaking such dietary staples as, uh, coffee and food…and…….for a 10-day or so long cleanse. Will I make it? “Enquiring minds” wanna know.

Especially mine.

In the meantime, and because I’m kinda crazy like that, I thought I’d try reading all the books I have. I thought about this last year, and so read Franny and Zooey.

Then I got sidetracked and called an unofficial halt to my sinister plan to follow the bookshelves in our family room starting from the left and working my way across.

But my inspiration has returned, and so….

I don’t plan to read reference books, so I moved them to the far left. No dictionaries (of which there are many in different languages, including Navajo)…no cookbooks, no lengthy weird tomes detailing a typical rural German lifestyle in the 50s. Yes, we have one of those. I plan to overlook my grandmother’s Peanuts comic book en francais. I won’t even crack open Chris’s various how-to books on plumbing or electrical. And I think I’ll skip any kid books that find their way onto the shelves. That happens sometimes.

But the rest…they’re fair game. I figure, if I have ’em…I should read ’em.


I’ve read many of them already. Well….not many, per se….but several. So I’ll skip those too.

And just see how this unfolds.

Chris thinks I should start with the books by our bed first…and I will but I guess they’ll need to migrate back to the shelves. These shelves:

Starting with this shelf:

I already pulled the first book down, so it’s not in the pic, above:

We’ll see. I have a touch of confidence in myself…but not a huge amount.

Gotta run….time to play more Rabbids on the Wii. A decidedly intellectual pursuit.


What I’m listening to tonight….if you don’t have this song, you should.

Matty Pop Chart
Thailand Song
every fruit that ripens has exactly just 3 parts
and as the seeds, the juice, the flesh push down these narrow streets and cars
but you know that every other mango is filled with the tiny bits of snow
that make up every pretty lady that you know

and if they put the milk in here unbearably thin
and if they take it out well then you’ll sup with the fishermen
you’ve got 3 pairs of the black and an assortment of the rest
but that wont put hair upon your chest

think a little smaller and these beaches never end
the sun is always setting just a little further west
follow it along and the story will be told
about the girl who chased the light never got old

how can time be passing if you never see the moon
some people will fool themselves within the pearls of the lagoon
but you can’t trade jewels for light or kaleidoscopes for sights
sometimes closed eyes make the picturesque more bright

i wish the cameras of the world would fade to a purple puff of smoke
a vacation without a photograph is just an egg without a yoke
but the beans grow overnight from the ever present light
and the bean can match an egg bite for bite

so think a little longer about the crop you chose to grow
remember all the mangos with their tiny bits of snow
and that lady will be waiting to walk with you hand in hand
across the paradise that used to be this land

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  1. January 3, 2010 4:38 am

    Ana, I have that same book in the exact condition yours is in. Is that from high school?

    • ana june permalink
      January 3, 2010 8:50 am

      Hmmmm….I don’t know! Could be. It has an empty library card sleeve on the inside cover, oddly. Since you have the same then yeah, I would bet it’s from Prep. Which year was this on the reading list?


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