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Wrangling Chaos, also known as Shooting the 2009 Holiday Card Photos

December 6, 2009

Pandemonium was the order of the day, in my quest to shoot the photo for this year’s holiday card.

I’d originally planned to take the kids up to the mountains and pose them knee-deep in the snow, with snow-covered trees all around and the golden glow of a setting December sun tinting the air.

But as the day dragged on and everything took 40 million times longer than I even thought possible (showers, gathering appropriate clothing, charging up of teenager iPods, food, hair brushing, hair curling, more food…) I realized we had to move to Plan B.

Problem was, I didn’t really have a Plan B.

Fortunately, my mom works at the Santa Fe Institute, a very beautiful place that’s generally empty on weekends. The kids can run around, there are great props (red couches!) and snacks in the kitchen. So as the hands on the clock approached 2:30 pm and we were still milling about with the kids’ new Goodwill finds for the pictures and Mira was still touching up the big HAPPY HOLIDAYS! banner, I decided to trade knee-deep snow (and the heightened chaos associated with being in the frigid woods as the sun set) for general comfort.

We drove up to SFI with my mom, moved the red couch outside, and followed the mayhem around until I scored a good shot…and got all four kids looking at the camera!

Jumping jacks help stave off shivering….

Chiara channels Elvis, or something…

Graysen charges about with his middle fingers crossed…not sure what’s up with that.


No comment.

Gray being…Gray.

Gray being Gray again…and no, he’s not upset, just freaking out after enjoying a mini candy bar from the stash in the kitchen.

Le piece de resistance, aka a pretty good pic of all four of them. Like herding cats, I tell ya…sometimes it’s harder to get the OLDER ones to behave!

Following the final shot and bringing the couch back inside, the kids began to climb the walls before it was time to head home.

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  1. December 10, 2009 9:14 pm

    I love the fact that the sun is setting by the time you get your shot. 😉

    I really want to check out SFI. What does your mom do?

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