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Lighting quandary

November 6, 2009


Above is a tryptich of photos showing the light table setup that has been provided for me to use for my food shooting gig. The shot on the right is an example of what something looks straight outta the camera, before I go and remove the noise, brighten the grays, etc. etc….

I am no expert on lighting setups (prefer natural light, which has been hard to come by in this shooting location), and use this to the best of my personal ability. I have colorful paper I can put beneath the glass to change up the look, but am finding that I have a lot of photoshopping to do because of glare.

I’d like suggestions about how to better set this up…I think I can buy some not so ‘spensive equipment and would like to maximize my shooting quality and minimize my Photoshopping. Maybe something to diffuse the light a bit? Another couple of lights?

Please leave a comment with any suggestions, all will be gladly received!

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  1. Laura permalink
    November 7, 2009 2:38 pm

    Hmmmm… I can think of two photographers you could talk to — Alex Traube and Gene Aker…


  2. Lolly permalink
    November 7, 2009 5:24 pm

    Ah hah! Here’s what I would do, being a natural light person myself…
    Get a couple of car sun shields, the sproingy circular ones with a dull white side (not the reflective foil ones). Hang them up on stands, point the expensive bright lights at them and bounce your light back on the object of your shoot. It’ll take some fiddling, but should get rid of that unnatural glare. Even situating the rig in a corner with white/light walls and bouncing the spots would help. Use those kidlets to help hold the reflectors for the best results. 🙂

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