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A thousand words times four plus 1886

November 2, 2009

If pictures are worth 1000 words, here are 4000 to start off this first post for November:

The cast of characters for this year:
Mira as a dead prom queen
Chiara as a dead Dorothy
Graysen as a….werewolf with a rainbow afro ‘do…?
Neda, Mira’s friend (behind Gray) as a disco star (Gray is covering up her fabulous sequined shirt)
Soren as the candy hander outer cause he is apparently done dressing up…he deigned to don this flower headband and hold the skull all Hamlet like for this picture. Good son…
Chris dug out the old lady wig and glasses and trooped with the kids through the neighborhood so I could stay inside, stay warm, and drink red wine. Good husband….
After trick-or-treating, candy trading went on for over an hour.

I was glad to say goodbye to Halloween–it isn’t my personal fave. I was traumatized in 7th grade when I went as a suitcase and all my classmates at school found it hysterical to punch the cardboard box I thought would be such a clever hiding place. Fortunately, Chris enjoys Halloween.

With the close of Halloween, two wonderfully awesome things happened. 1. we fell back, and gained an hour thanks to the end of Daylight Savings Time. And…2. NaNoWriMo started up.

After the sugar wore off and the kids were off to bed, I curled up with my laptop, an idea that has been festering for over ten years, and a new inspiration: write a novel in 30 days. Quantity, not quality is what counts in NaNoWriMo….

As the first day of this writing marathon draws to a close, I have 1886 words written. Only 48,114 to go to “win.”

Best get back to it….

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