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And now for something completely different

October 15, 2009


My to-do list was pretty simple, yesterday. One entry read WRITE DAMMIT!
Between two coffee shops and no other specific obligations, I didn’t write a word. Typical.
Instead, I futzed around with the header for this new blog of mine. I tried, pathetically and with little success, to snap out of my autumn funk. Fall messes with my head and I spend the better part of two months every year feeling like my brain is wrapped in gauze. I don’t sleep well and am uber sensitive to every little thing. In short, fall makes me want to hibernate.
So last night after I uploaded my new banner and decided to take the proverbial leap over the edge into this new format, I poured myself a strong drink and decided to try something just a little different for one evening.
Make an easy dinner.
Ignore the dishes.
Go to bed early.
And now, a morning later, I am cozied up in my mom’s bed in her quiet house-my childhood home-thinking about a nap.
I think I vaguely recall what that word means…

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