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Departing the text

April 1, 2009

March was the cruelest month.

Each of the kids got sick, one after the other. Mira was laid up with a virus for two weeks and Soren got the same virus while also suffering from debilitating juniper allergies. Chiara came down with some raging fever thing then passed that along to Graysen.

I love how they so easily share the stuff they shouldn’t.

All told we visited the urgent care on three separate occasions and the pharmacy more times than I can recall.

Meanwhile, Chris has been out of town on business for all but about three weeks this entire year. Though he returns home on the weekends I have essentially been a single mother during the week — the days when the schlep is most demanding.

And now, as April dawns, I’m tired. Tired of racing around at mach 10 with my hair ablaze and tired of the mundane details.

I know this funk is temporary, but along with the general fog that is my life, I have very inconveniently lost my muse. And so, instead of forcing words that don’t feel right, I would like to offer up a photo I took this past weekend on an outing to White Sands with the kids, my mom, my sister Jennifer and the sweet little girl in the photo below — my niece, Chloe. Chloe will be four on the 4th, and all she wanted was a kite to fly.

That’s pretty much all I want right now too.

Seeing her smile as her butterfly lifted off … watching my tribe enjoy the magnificent sand … enjoying the day and the dunes myself … all gave me just enough energy to schlep my way into this new week. This new month.

But not enough energy, apparently, to pull the right number of words out of my brain to coherently fill this space. Thus, with a nod to Opus, I depart the text.

But if you see that errant muse of mine, would you please send her home? I do need her back in time for my next dispatch.

Chloe and her kite

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